After spending years working in corporate America something inside us went crazy and we thought starting a local business would be much easier. I realized I'm your average workaholic. I called my computer my favorite escape and had absolutely no problem with it.

When my Mom and best friend, passed away under violent and unexpected circumstances it knocked me upside the head like a baseball bat. Ouch! Time isn't endless and if you want to do it you better get crackin.

By choosing to live life in the fast lane I was turning my back on some pretty amazing moments in time. How could it be, in my adult like had not traveled to less states than I had as a child, and had only ventured out of the country a couple of times. Somewhere I lost my path, vision and dreams.

So, my hubby, Steve a I put on the brakes and went on mission to back up time and take in every bit of the small stuff, check off every state in the US and continent from the globe off our bucket list. And, most importantly spend time with friends and family laughing, loving, eating and enjoying life to it's fullest.

I named the blog 50 Roads for 3 reasons. I'm over 50 and plan to share personal inspiration from a Baby Boomers perspective, for all 50 US states, and to honor the roads life takes us on. I'll be sharing bucket list travel ideas, foodie finds and empty nest lifestyle, all with a dash of humor. My passions include off the beaten path travel, scuba diving, roller coasters, and live theatre.

Joani Taylor is the frugal bargain hunter for CBS, writer for the City Journals of Utah, and founder of, a Utah website devoted to helping Utah families save money on adventure, restaurants and lifestyle.

She learned the joy of adventure while exploring the US in an old Shasta Trailer with her grandparents. She has a passion for roller coasters, old muscle cars, loves scuba diving, and crying at the movies. She considers herself a novice foodie and has a weird obsession with chowing on blueberries and wearing pink shoes.

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