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Roadside Diners – B&B Cafe Castlerock CO

There's something about an old bullet in the wall of a building that peaks a travelers interest. The not one, but two that you'll find in Castle Rock Colorado at a local historic diner called B&B Cafe are no exception. My dad and I wandered in for a mid-morning breakfast and I found this restaurant…
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Glass Blown Dreams in Orange Beach Alabama

Memorial Day in Orange Beach, Alabama is usually a bustling, busy time of year with tourists galore, but this year it was to be a low key weekend. Wanting to keep it simple for a relaxing time on the water, I rented a condo just off the beach. I located a 3rd floor condo, two…
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Driving to Disneyland? Take Some Stops Along the Way

This summer, my wife and I decided it would be a good thing to take a family road trip to Disneyland.  Apparently, we forgot that we have five kids - ages 5 through 16 - that can barely make it out of the neighborhood before they start arguing: "Mom, he's sitting in my space."  "Dad,…
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