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Travel Map and Trivia

Mouse over each state for a bit of bucket list travel trivia for each state. Click on a state and a link will take you to the articles that we’ve published about that region of the country. If no articles show up, it means that we haven’t written about that area yet.

West Region
Southwest Region
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Northeast Region

Glass Blown Dreams in Orange Beach Alabama

Memorial Day in Orange Beach, Alabama is usually a bustling, busy time of year with tourists galore, but this year it was to be a low key weekend. Wanting to keep it simple for a relaxing time on the water, I rented a condo just off the beach. I located a 3rd floor condo, two…
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The Unclaimed Baggage Center – Is it Worth the Trip?

It is the only lost luggage store in the United States, and might even be the only store of its kind in the world. Over one million people visit each year. Travelers have found this place from over 40 foreign countries. What is the Unclaimed Baggage Center? A 40,000 square foot store in the tiny…
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Achieving Your Travel Bucket List With Attitude

Have you noticed all the bucket list articles lately? I don’t know what it is, but all of a sudden, I’ve seen article after article about sky diving over Dubai, riding a camel in the Sahara Desert, or cycling through South African vineyards on a carbon negative tour. I was wondering, if perhaps, I missed…
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Hike in Price Coming Soon for Seniors National Park Pass

Seniors can expect a big jump sometime this year in the fee for a lifetime pass to visit national parks. The change is part of a move to pay for major projects and enhanced services. The fee for a lifetime pass for citizens 62 and older will go from $10 to $80. To qualify, you need to…
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Secret Cypress Tree Tunnel – Don’t Blink

Secret Cypress Tree Tunnel - California Pacific Coast Highway 1 This Cypress Tree Tunnel is one of those secret photo stops that make road trips so fun and interesting, it offers a beautiful place for a photos and makes for some interesting exploring. If you're looking for things to do along the Northern California Coast close…
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