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B&B Cafe

There’s something about an old bullet in the wall of a building that peaks a travelers interest. The not one, but two that you’ll find in Castle Rock Colorado at a local historic diner called B&B Cafe are no exception. My dad and I wandered in for a mid-morning breakfast and I found this restaurant not only tasty, but interesting and not without charm.

B&B Cafe Castle Rock Bullet Hole

The B&B Cafe is one of Castle Rock’s oldest restaurants and is a popular gathering place for locals. No one knows where the “B” came from, but their is speculation is that it was named for the Brenton Family who owned a livery stable during the 1800’s. In the 1940’s not only was this a regular stopping place for locals, the cafe also fed the towns prisoners, who were led from the jail across the street twice daily for meals.

B&B Cafe Pie Castle Rock Colorado

Valentines Day has a different meaning to the B&B Cafe. On February 14, 1946, a fugitive, that was wanted for shooting two Denver Policemen, was spotted when he took refuge in the restaurant. Restaurant patrons confronted the man and the Marshall (Lewis) and Deputy (Lowell) were summoned. Marshall Lewis was shot and killed while trying to protect the residents and apprehend the murderer, leaving behind two stay bullet holes in the ceiling and wall as a reminder.

Ham and Eggs
Ham and Eggs
Salmon Benedict
Salmon Benedict

From the original tin ceiling to the Italian marble and black onyx bar from the 1920’s that houses the Cafes fresh homemade pies, the B&B is a great place to stop for a bite. I found the menu would satisfy most tastes from the meat and potato guy to a more discerning foodie pallet.

B&B Cafe Castle Rock Street ViewThey also have sidewalk dining. The main road is a bit noisy but the view that gave Castle Rock it’s name, makes up for the traffic noise. See B&B Cafe reviews on

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