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Interesting U.S. Cemeteries Where Famous People Reside

Scary, Spooky, Eerie, Historical, Carved, Mossy, Peaceful, Sinful, Haunted, Reverent. There are seemingly 100's of words that describe an Old Cemetery. No matter which one comes to your mind there's something about visiting them that attracts travelers to them like moths to candles. I recently ....

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Walk Through TV Technology at The Early Television Museum

By Victoria Hart I can’t think of an invention in the last 100 years that has had a greater impact on American culture than the invention of the television. If you have been alive for even half of this era, you will enjoy the Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio. It is the only museum…
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Hike in Price Coming Soon for Seniors National Park Pass

Seniors can expect a big jump sometime after August 27, 2017,  in the fee for a lifetime pass to visit national parks. The change is part of a move to pay for major projects and enhanced services. The fee for a lifetime pass for citizens 62 and older will go from $10 to $80. To qualify, you…
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Chicago in a Day… Things to Do in The Toddling Town

Things to do with a Day in Chicago In case you have been living under a rock, the Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series for the first time since 1945.  That is 71 years, folks.  My dad was only eight-years-old when the Cubbies were last there. As for winning the Series, we have to…
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