Guest Post for 50 Roads

50 Roads, 50Roads.comThank you for your interest in guest posing for! We are always interested in receiving well-written, unique content from a variety of viewpoints that will encourage and inspire our audience. We are excited to review your post idea.

We are an up and coming website that aspires to be a resource of great information, inspiration and provide the reader with real life experiences.

Content subjects we’re looking for include:

  • Inspiring stories about empty nest lifestyle
  • Travel destinations and things to do when you get there
  • Restaurant and Hotel Reviews (must have original unpublished photos)
  • DIY tips for travelers (ie. packing, flying, driving, mass transit, fitness, internet access etc.)

While the website goal is to gear the information to an empty nesters point of view, we do have a family travel section and are interested in hearing your ideas on family travel.

Tip: My current focus is in off the beaten path travel articles for all US States and Canada. I’m currently specifically interested in California, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Alabama, Italy and Ireland and cruising. I’m also very interested in articles related to Baby Boomer lifestyle such as cooking for 2, fitness for 50+, etc. on the humorous side.

Tips that will help you get published:

  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in
  • Posts and images must be original works of high quality.
  • Use of short paragraphs and bulleted, lists in your post to make for easy reading.
  • Preferred minimum of 400 words and at least 3 original photos.


Q. Do I need to be a professional writer?
A. No, I accept any level writer, my readers and I just want real life positive stories. Making me laugh in your story will get you bonus points.

Q. What will my bio look like?
A. Because we are most interested in writers our readers can identify with, we encourage you to become a regular writer. Your first 4 articles will be posted with an author bio at the bottom one link to the website, social media or Youtube channel if you choose. An author link is not required for your article however. In order to bring familiarity for our readers, we encourage you to write regularly. On your 5th posting will have discussion about featuring you on our author’s page that will include links to all your social channels and website.

Q. Can I send something that I’ve already written?
A. Yes, as long as it hasn’t been published elsewhere.

Q. Who will design the page?
A. We will collaborate together on page design.

Q. How long will it take you to publish my article?
A. After being accepted, about one week.

Q. Do you accept links throughout the content for SEO, Advertising or sponsored posts?
A. On occasion, it depends on the quality and subject of the article. I do charge a fee and you must disclose that that is the intended purpose of your article during initial contact. Keep in mind that the quality and originality of the content is imperative. Your article must be unpublished, creative and informative. Articles that don’t make sense or fit our genre, written only for SEO or branding purposes will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Q. What’s next?
A. If you have an idea that meets these qualifications submit the form below. Please allow 3-5 days for my reply.

Thank You!